VN Maritime - Projects

Maritime projects are different from other, non-marine, projects. The complexity, logistics of parts and specialists, costs, interests of parties involved and the ever presence of the economical pressure makes them special and therefore more interesting as well.

In order to manage a maritime project in a successful way the project manager must have experience in the maritime industry, proper technical knowledge and the back-up of an organisation who can support him in the field of marine engineering, naval architecture, logistics and legal. Together with our partners we can manage, amongst others the following projects for our clients;

New building, refurbishment, dry-docking and salvage

Drafting and/or assessing of a specification, contracting, planning, budget, progress and time control, liquidity planning and logistics are crucial for the succes of a project. This in combination with our principal of "system responsibility" and know how will keep your project on track and controllable.

Ship arrest, lay-up and auctioning

A special program for ship arrests have been developed in close co-operation with several law offices. If a vessel is in default we can assist with directing the vessel or having the vessel arrested in a favorable jurisdiction. We can arrange crew repatriation, watchmen, berth, lay-up ( hot or cold ) and preparation for auction or sale, including accompanying prospect buyers. Based on a condition survey an appraisal of the vessel can be provided.